Double Sided Palette



This dual-sided Z Palette is the ultimate tool for customizing and organizing makeup. Featuring a durable, reinforced clear window and open-face, magnetic base on each side, the Double-Sided Z Palette allows you TWICE the storage while still keeping all of your makeup in ONE easy place. Extra-strength magnetic closures on each side ensure the Double-Sided Z Palette will remain securely shut, no matter which side is facing up. Whether you organize eye shadows on one side and blushes on the other, or foundations on one side and powders on the other, the combinations are truly endless!

Metal Stickers Included: 40pcs (20pc Round, 20pc Square)

 Length Outside: 8.06 Inches/20.47cm  Width Outside: 4.94 Inches/12.54cm  Depth Outside: 1.06 Inches/2.6cm  Length Inside: 7.44 Inches/18.89cm  Width Inside: 4.13 Inches/10.49cm  Depth Inside: .25 Inches/0.6cm - Each Side

Type: Makeup Tools

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