Ultimate Foundation 5-in-1 PRO Palette™

Cinema Secrets

Cinema Secrets was the first to develop a foundation palette for the professional makeup artist. It's great for correcting unwanted undertones, highlighting, shading, contouring, adjusting foundation color, and creating custom blends for hard-to-match skintones. Ours is portable and compact, great for travel--especially if you expect to tan on vacation.

Since its debut, our top-quality makeup has not only gained recognition from professional makeup artists and the performers who wear it, but also has set the standard for clinical applications in the medical field, salons, and spas. The creamy formula applies like a second skin yet provides full coverage to diminish skin discolorations, birthmarks, burn scars, even large body tattoos! All Ultimate Foundations are free of mineral oil, lanolin, and petroleum products. High pigmentation is the key to coverage, and durable high-quality ingredients make this cosmetic last up to 12 hours, even in humid climates (it's completely waterproof!). Soft, natural matte finish spreads farther than most other foundations and will not cake or crease.

• Contains NO mineral oil or lanolin

• Features the most highly pigmented components

• Waterproof and long-lasting • Not tested on animals

• Five hues in the same tonal range

Container: Clear UV PVC plastic with snap-shut hinged top. Labeled with ingredients, colors, and batch number.
Sizes: One size with five compartments, .125 ounce (3.5 grams) each.

Application: Apply with non-latex sponge or brush. (Avoid cross-contamination: Never use fingers to apply cosmetics; use a CS palette and spatula to mix.) For sheerer application, dampen sponge/brush with CS Moisture Spray.

Removal: Use soap and water or any makeup remover.

Palette 1: Contains highlighters and red/blue neutralizers for light to dark skin

Palette 2:  Contains highlighters and red/blue/purple/black neutralizers for medium light to ruddy and dark skin

Palette 3: Perfect for skin with olive and yellow undertones

Palette 4: Perfect for skin with light pink, yellow, and coral undertones

Palette 5: Perfect for skin with warm pink, beige, and coral undertones

Palette 6: Perfect for skin with warm, dark pink-beige undertones

Palette 7: Perfect for skin with warm, light pink-beige undertones

Palette 8: Perfect for skin with medium to dark golden-tan undertones

Palette 9: Perfect for skin with medium to dark golden-tan undertones

Palette 10: Perfect for skin with (ethnic) olive gold to olive green undertones

Palette 11: Perfect for skin with (ethnic) olive gold to olive green undertones

Type: Face

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